A New Adventure Begins

I wanted to take a minute to welcome new readers to the Journal of Preparedness and Recovery. We will strive in the months ahead to bring meaningful and useful multi-disciplinary content to our colleagues in the fields of Emergency Management and Homeland Security. Our intent is to bring to the public arena scholarly work on a broad range of topics which can serve to advance our thinking in both theory and application. In other words, we want to be an agent of change in how the fields are thought about and how those involved put concepts and ideas into actual practice.
In recent years we have seen a metamorphosis occurring which has allowed what was a very narrowly defined field to blossom into more inclusive and mature endeavors. Our offerings in the journal will reflect this more open environment and hopefully we will encourage more diversity and exploration into issues and trends which will have a positive effect on those involved on all levels. Welcome.

Dr. Rick Ihde